UNISON will fight!

UNISON National Delegate Conference drew to a close yesterday, and we were all proud to be UNISON members and activists. Glad to have been there in a great City, and at a time when the full strength of the union could be seen behind Glasgow City’s homeless caseworkers now twelve weeks on strike, and behind Robert O’Donnell, sacked SECC worker and steward. What shameful treatment. On top of this the SECC doesn’t recognise the union although it is 90% owned by Glasgow City Council.

UNISON vowed to fight for public services to keep them publicly owned, democratically accountable and delivered by the public sector.  UNISON will take on the Tories and will fight against their anti trade union legislation and their threat to our right to strike .

UNISON will take the anti austerity message out to our members, the public and our politicians. This is a robbery not a recession and the rich getting richer echoed throughout the hall all week The 1000 richest families increased their wealth by £28bn to £547bn whilst a growing number of  people can’t afford to heat their homes and have to  rely on foodbanks. Many  of these people are working too.



Join us at Scotland United Against Austerity Rally – Saturday 20 June 2015

Join us at the Scotland United Against Austerity Rally in George Square, Glasgow, on Saturday 20 June at 12pm. The STUC event in partnership with the People’s Assembly  and other organisations will take the Anti Austerity message to  rallies throughout the UK on that day.

Austerity economics simply do not work. On top of austerity,  there are the proposals to significantly restrict trade union freedom further, let’s be there and unite our opposition to austerity and show our strength in opposition to the Tory Government.