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Join us at Scotland United Against Austerity Rally – Saturday 20 June 2015

Join us at the Scotland United Against Austerity Rally in George Square, Glasgow, on Saturday 20 June at 12pm. The STUC event in partnership with the People’s Assembly  and other organisations will take the Anti Austerity message to  rallies throughout the UK on that day.

Austerity economics simply do not work. On top of austerity,  there are the proposals to significantly restrict trade union freedom further, let’s be there and unite our opposition to austerity and show our strength in opposition to the Tory Government.



UNISON Scotland’s manifesto for public services

UNISON Scotland’s Manifesto for Public Services

UNISON’s Scottish Secretary, Mike Kirby says, “This is the Public Services Election. The outcome will have a huge impact upon UNISON members, their families, communities and the public services in which we work, to protect the disadvantaged and provide a better quality of life for all.”

Read more from Mike Kirby  to find out why you should use your vote for public services.

Find UNISON Scotland’s General Election Manifesto and a lot more here.

Read why austerity economics will never work


Stars in our schools celebration day 28 November


It takes a whole team to make a school a safe and happy place for children to learn. Many school support employees are tucked away behind the scenes – the unsung heroes of our children’s education. So for one special day we want the focus to be on members of our school support staff.

On Friday 28th November 2014, UNISON wants everyone to celebrate the contribution of school support staff – to say “thank you” for all that they do. Head teachers, teaching staff, parents, carers and children can get involved in making their support staff feel special.

What’s your school doing to celebrate the day? Why not take a “class photo” including the wide variety of support staff in your school and e-mail it to us at, post to our facebook page  or post in the UK Stars in our Schools website. (Dressing up as superheroes is optional!)

Get children involved in activities to show how they value their school support staff – like making “thank you” cards, drawing pictures or doing a quick quiz on the various support roles in your school. Hold a special assembly and highlight the good work that school support members do.

Let us know what’s going on in your school and we’ll publicise it to let our school support members know how much they are appreciated.

Join us on STUC Just Scotland March and Rally on Saturday 18 October

Saturday 18th October
Meet at 10am at Glasgow Green

March off at 10:30am

Rally in George Square

Creating decent work and providing dignity for those who cannot work is at the heart of the battle against austerity and tackling inequality.

As part of Challenge Poverty Week, trade union members and community activists from across Scotland are coming together in October to say, irrespective of their views on the outcome of the referendum ‘It’s time to create a Just Scotland’.

Yes or No, Vote for a Fairer Scotland


There’s not long to go before the Scottish nation takes the Independence vote. UNISON activists and members have had the opportunity to contribute to an interesting debate and to continue to put our politicians on the spot demanding a fairer Scotland regardless of the outcome of the Referendum on 18 September.

UNISON’s position remains that we do not have a policy position either way on the referendum debate.

We continue to scrutinise the positions of the various campaigns and would urge all sides to explain to our members how they intend to go about creating a more just, fairer society in Scotland. Any constitutional change should be a means to that end and not an objective in itself.

Click here to find out more.